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Customer Testimonials:

"The residents loved your classes. I heard them laughing all the way down the hall."

Melanie Rogers
Program Director,
Windham Terrace Assisted Living Facility

Welcome to Anne Kelsey's Dare To Write

Anne KelseyAnne Kelsey has designed a series of workshops that encourages writing at all levels. Beginners and wordsmiths alike will engage in innovative in-class exercises and learn solid writing techniques while gaining insight into little known tips and tricks from the publishing industry. Each Dare to Write participant works at their own pace and builds a dynamic set of skills designed to take their writing to the next level. Anne Kelsey uses her own unique creative process taking participants far beyond the basics, and incorporating fun and laughter into each session.

Anne hopes you will join her in a Dare to Write class soon! In the meantime, here are some of the features you may want to check out:

  • Upcoming Classes - find out when and where new classes are scheduled
  • News and Events - this is where I will post any news about Dare to Write and upcoming book releases

Thanks for stopping in! I hope you'll come here often.