“From 1810 to 9/11” at the Nesmith Library

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“From 1810 to 9/11” at the Nesmith Library

I am so happy to be back at the Nesmith Library on June 12th for a return engagement of my presentation “From 1810 to 9/11 – The History of Writing.” I am very passionate about teaching writing and through my company, Dare to Write, I have taught writing classes since 2006. I believe that everyone should write – even just a little bit.

Quoting an article from the Windy Indy about the upcoming event, one of my former students, Melanie Nesheim, a longtime Windham resident said, “The Dare to Write class let me know that I had my own unique voice.” Another Windham resident, Cathy Robertson-Souter said “Anne Kelsey knows writing! It’s obvious from her book, Deadly Intruder, that Anne understand what works with the readers – she really grabs a hold of your imagination and doesn’t let go until the end.” Another former Dare to Write participant, Ruth Moore said in the article “Anne has interesting and diverse exercises that make you want to write.”

The presentation “From 1810 to 9/11” focuses on the history of writing, from my great-great-great grandmother who crossed the country on a Wagon Train and penned her memoirs to my grandfather who explored Central America and also wrote his memoirs. The tragic events of 9/11 changed the country and writing (in particular memoir writing) have once again of interest to many people.

I hope to see you at the Nesmith Library!

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