“Deadly Intruder” Available for Purchase

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“Deadly Intruder” Available for Purchase

On October 9th, 2013, Deadly Intruder, Anne Kelsey’s first novel, was published.

Once you buy in, there is no out.

Super salesman Brent Darby is living the good life, both personally and professionally. He won the Rookie of the Year award at Revolution, the advertising company he works for in Boston, and he is married to Amanda, the love of his life. After his recent purchases of a new home and a sports car, his life is just about perfect. Then he makes one seemingly innocent decision to play an Internet game.

The website www.DieorDieTrying.com offers a big payoff to the winner of the deadpool game they host, and Brent thinks he has just as good a chance to win as anyone else. After all, the game is all luck. Or is it?

When a fellow player, known only as Intruder, gains access to Brent’s personal information, Brent’s life is thrown into chaos. A gruesome discovery makes Intruder’s goal all too clear. Soon Brent is careening through the shadowy world of cybercrime, identity theft, and murder on a non-stop thrill ride he wants no part of. Will Brent or Intruder make the final move of the game?

The book is available in paperback or Kindle edition.

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